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PE Private Transformation Program

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PE Private Transformation Program

Scott Schrat
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Performance Edge Private Transformation Program is the answer you've been searching for. 

No more mysterious products to help you lose weight, no more secrets that those other trainers try to sell you on. 

Here at Performance Edge all you need is Effort, Commitment and Team Work.

Together we will track your:

+ Progress 

+ Body weight

+ Body image 

+ Energy levels

+ Mood

+ Training 

This will assure you're moving on the right path. In plain english, we'll make you love your mirror. Nutrition plays a key role in achieving your goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle building or athletics, and we plan to help you every step of the way. Our biggest engagement comes from healthy habit building. Our successful and extremely knowledgable coaches will help assist you in building a strong foundation of habits to create a smooth path to your ultimate goal.

Performance Edge has helped hundreds of individuals in the last several years. For the first time we will now be helping people in a group setting, in the first ever Performance Edge Private Transformation Program

We firmly believe in the value of healthy habit building and customized nutritional coaching, which is exactly what you will get from your personal coach within our group. Stop guessing and learn exactly how much and at what time you should be eating to maximize both performance and aestethics. Also ask your coach about supplements and anything else you may need in your journey to success.

Here is what you will receive:

+ On-Boarding PDF (includes a form to be filled out and returned ASAP)

+ Customized Macros for training days and rest days

+ Weekly Check-Ins

+ Access to the private Facebook Group, where everything will take place.

+ Google Form Commitment Questionnaire (to be filled out for our coaches to assess your current state of training/nutrition)

Upon completion of you on-boarding PDF that is emailed to you as soon as you sign up, you will be granted access to the private Facebook Group where you will post your first introduction. After you post, your personal coach will comment within 24 hours, your macro prescription and any other advice they feel is needed. Upon reviewing your weekly feedback and progress over the course of the week, we will update you with adjustments for the following week through the private Facebook Group. We will repeat this process for as long as you choose to be a Performance Edge member.

(This is a monthly service and you will be auto-drafted and may cancel at anytime)


$540/6mo (save 7%)

$1020/year (save 12%)

If you have any questions prior to signing up please email scott@performanceedgeathletics.com




Thank you,


Performance Edge


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